Armoire Makeover

Design, Interior, Repurpose / Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Warning: I am a repurposing fanatic.
I love figuring out new ways to use older pieces of furniture, picture frames, pallet boards, ANYTHING. My parents have this beautiful bedroom set that is well over 30 years old. Since they recently replaced it with new furniture, they allowed me to take any pieces that I might need for our rent house. In case you weren’t aware, 30+ year old furniture is big, bulky, and HEAVY. Our house is tiny, so only one piece made the move; the armoire. Needless to say, it needed major updating. The dark wood finish and the faded gold hardware was outdated to say the least.

First, I went to Lowe’s for, what I like to call, the ‘reject paint’. The ‘rejects’ are typically off to the side of the mixing station or they might be hidden behind the counter. These are the paints that were mixed improperly or were simply never picked up by the customer. Because these are original colors, they are difficult to recreate so they are marked at a discounted price (score!). What I like to do is pick a color that I can live with or is close to my desired hue. I’m not really picky since I think perfectly matching objects is over-rated.

In this case, I went out on a limb and bought countertop paint, knowing that I won’t have to seal it. I was expecting it to be grey, but to my surprise it was a light blue. Good thing I really love blue and it totally works with the rest of the house.
IMG_2331 IMG_2332
I took off the gold hardware and spray painted it white. For the armoire itself, one coat of the countertop paint did not completely cover the piece since I was lazy and did not try to strip it before painting. Again, I got lucky. With one coat, some of the original dark brown peeked through my paint strokes, but it turned out looking distressed, which is always a good look in my opinion. So within an hour and a half of painting the entire 6 foot armoire (inside and out) I was done!


Coffee Station

IMG_2327  IMG_2326IMG_4891 IMG_2329


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