Side Table? Snack Table? Couch Table?

Design, Interior / Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Like I mentioned in my previous post, our house is tiny. It was built in 1947 and has been added on a few times from what we can tell. Our living room is 1940s size while our dining room is 2000s size. It’s a little awkward, but we are making it work as best we can.

With our awkward spaces, we can’t fit a coffee table in the living room. We opted for a sofa side table or snack table or if anyone knows the technical term for the little tables where the base slides underneath the couch that would be great (comment that below). My parents bought us one of these tables for Christmas and Mom gave us her blessing to repaint it. Mom said, “Maybe a gold base with a antiqued mirror top?” So that’s exactly what I did. My materials included a small can of ‘Looking Glass’ spray paint, a IMG_2301regular can of Metallic Bronze spray paint, paper towels, and whiskey…Just kidding. The liquid in the mason jar is half apple cider vinegar and half water. The Krylon brand of Metallic Bronze looks more like brushed gold, I know this from using it in the past so I knew that’s what I wanted to go for. To get my antiqued or aged glass look on the top of the table I started with the vinegar mixture. A quick point, you will want to paint the backside of the glass surface in order to get the desired mirrored surface, this is why the vinegar mixture is applied to the backside of the glass top. After pouring enough to wet the glass, I wiped it off with the paper towel, but did NOT allow it to completely dry. This is important. The vinegar gives the aged look to the glass so you want to leave beads of liquid on the surface when you apply the Looking Glass spray paint. I applied 4 coats of this paint, allowing about a minute to pass between coats. Note: this spray paint drys extremely fast. After the last coat and waiting a minute I used a clean paper towel to dab the vinegar beads that were still raised through the paint. Be sure to dab, blot, whatever you want to call it, but do not wipe the mixture. Once the beads have been removed, the aging process is complete. VOILA! Now that the mirrored top has been finished, its now time to address the metal base.

For the base, I applied one coat of metallic bronze. Very little prep went into this step. Some may want to wipe down the metal surface with a cleaning solution such as denatured alcohol or sand it down; I just sprayed the paint on as is, covering the base entirely.

Keep in mind, taking photos of a mirror makes it difficult to highlight the details, therefore the aged effect is not obvious. If you have any questions about this project, please comment below.

IMG_2296 IMG_2295

IMG_2336 IMG_2334

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