The “Us” Wall

Design, Interior, Repurpose / Monday, January 12th, 2015

Like I have mentioned in an earlier post, Evan and I are in a cute, dated house in San Antonio. When we first saw the house we thought it was ‘perfect’. Our haste to lock down the first house that we toured was due part because I had been offered a job with less than two weeks to relocate. Yes, it was rushed. No, we don’t regret it. The house is still cute like we thought in the beginning, but for some reason it is much smaller than we remembered…We only realized this after we moved all of our things in. We have a lot of stuff. It’s funny how easy it is to turn a blind eye to the material imperfections when you are hurriedly looking for a place to live. At the time, we didnt care that the ONE bathroom was never going to fit both of our toiletries (or that it doesn’t have an electrical outlet), that the washer and dryer hook-ups are right smack-dab in the middle of the kitchen/dining area, that there is an awkward room between the dining and living area that we aren’t quite sure what to do with, or that the entire house, inside and out, is YELLOW. Did I mention it was yellow?

Eventually I will explain how we handled each of these problems and made the best out of what we had. Let’s start with the yellow. I’m one of those people that would rather not paint a rent house only to be required to paint it back to the original color less than a year later. I mean, who WANTS to create more work for themselves? Thankfully we have one “accent” wall that faces the front door. It’s brown…still not my favorite, but it’s a good break from the yellow. On this wall, I really wanted to do something special. Something that made people stop and look at when they first came in the door.

Take a peek at the final project and scroll down for details. (click on the pictures for bigger images)IMG_2339 IMG_2341

Evan had some extra pallet boards laying around. Pallets are perfect for distressed wood if you need it, plus it doesn’t hurt that they are dirt cheap-as in free. I attempted to screw them to the studs and not just the drywall, but Evan had to finish that job for me. I am totally incapable of finding a stud, one day I’ll learn. As for the placement of the boards, I didn’t do much measuring. I mostly looked at the colors of the boards and tried to place them in a random-ish order.

Once the boards were in place, I added everything on top. The skull was first. Evan had the skull and knew I had been dying to paint one, so I spray painted it blue and a very light coat of gold on the antlers.IMG_2360

I have had the metal candle sconce for a few years now this was the third time it has been painted, this time gold. Yes, I love me some gold.

The A’s represent Evan’s last name, Anders. I bought all of them at Hobby Lobby when they were having a 50% sale on their lettering, SCORE.


A picture of the two of us when we first started dating made the board as well.


Lastly, this is a transferred picture onto a wooden page that Evan gave me last Valentine’s day. It is a picture of the coffee shop where we met and exchanged our first, very long conversation. It’s such a special piece to us and holds a place in my heart, so knowing this, it had to make the entry wall.

IMG_2354 I still stop and look at the wall everyday since it comes into view first when I unlock our door. And it still makes me smile. I hope y’all enjoy it and stop by for more peeks into our lives!


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  1. Love this wall, and the coffee shop picture is too precious, doll! 🙂 Look forward to more and all posts. Love you!!!

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