Where’s the table?!

Construct, Design, dining room, DIY / Monday, January 19th, 2015

Like Evan mentioned in our very first blog post, we made our own farm house dining table. Well, he made it and I made it visually appetizing with paint and stain. It has been questioned multiple times about when we are going to post the table. SOON, I SWEAR. This was our biggest project together, to date. We both worked really hard on it and would love for everyone to see that effort. Evan is currently studying for the bar exam at the end of February, so he is up to his ears in bar prep study material, but thankfully he will be taking time out of his study schedule to share with you how he constructed the table this week. This should explain why he has not posted his projects recently. He will get to it, he promises you!

In the mean time, please say some prayers for his clear thoughts through his studies. A new post will be up tomorrow, stay tuned.