The Game of Life

Family, Uncategorized / Monday, February 23rd, 2015

We’re still here! I swear. You know that feeling when there is so much going on around you that you feel like you don’t quite have a moment to breathe except for that split second before you fall asleep at night? That’s what we have been going through the past month. But, thankfully our busy lives are because of positive things happening around us.

Evan has been working his tail off studying for the bar exam that is in two days. His nonstop studying has been taking a toll on his patience, my patience, and our poor house has notecards and books strewn throughout. I mean, like EVERYWHERE. This exam is no joke and we are certainly ready for him to put it in his rearview mirror. Even with his plate completely full with studying, Evan still managed to surprise me last month. On January 24, Evan brought me to the very same spot where we first met and dropped down to We're ENGAGED!one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I tearfully said yes to his forever proposition. In our almost two years together, our relationship has been tested in so many ways. We have been through the toughest of times together, only relying on one another and our families to get us through. We have also experienced our highest moments together, praising the other for their accomplishments. Our faithfulness to one another and our faith that God will always provide (on his own time) has truly strengthened us as individuals and as a couple.

With all that said, he proposed when he was still in the middle of bar prep so wedding talk has been put on hold until the test is complete on Thursday. Don’t worry, I’ve still snuck in a few, “Would you rather this or this?” questions about the details of the wedding. So for the past month, I have been attempting to plan the wedding from a distance since it will be in my hometown in Orange, TX. Thanks Mom, for running errands for me! I’ve also been taking these few weekends to spend time with family and friends that I don’t get to see as often anymore. It’s usually better if I am out of the house on the weekends while Mr. Bar Prep does his work. So I’ve been to Houston, Orange, and Dallas (twice) in the past month.

All this time away from home doesn’t allow much time for us to create and construct together, but we should be jumping back into that boat soon enough. Evan has a great opportunity to construct some furniture for his Mom for her new beach house. I have to admit, I am so excited to get that process started. Also, we have decided that we do not want to continue living in this house next year so once our lease is up we will be moving. The yellow interior and exterior, the dead rodents, and fact that we can’t seem to shake the feeling that it isn’t “home” has driven us away. The next step after this house is exciting, but you will have to keep reading the next few months to see where that will be taking us.

Sorry for the lack of posts! Like I said, we will be back very soon. And yes, Evan still needs to show you our farm table. We haven’t forgotten 🙂