Put a Lid On It!

Review / Monday, April 6th, 2015

As Katie surely knows, I’m a sucker for gadgets. Anything that claims to increase efficiency or fix a problem has me hooked. Despite my insatiable curiosity, I am a little bit skeptical due to the flood of useless products in the DIY industry that claim to be the next big thing. Most of these products are cost prohibitive and or poorly made. Every now and again, the stars align and something that is both useful and economically friendly comes along so when this happens I’ve got to sing its praise.IMG_2420

The Shur-Line Paint Can Lid is just one of those products. Ringing up at $1.97 for the Quart size lid, it’s hard to have anything negative to say about this product. Designed for water-based paints and stains, it features a tight sealing lid and integrated, reseal-able pour spout, this product will literally pay for itself. Paints and stains are constanIMG_2422tly going up in price, so its nice to find a product that will allow you to make those pricey finishes go farther. The entire time I used it, there was no unnecessary spillage, the lid sealed tight to the can and the plug on the pour spout will even hold fast when shaking up the paint between uses. This is definitely the product of the month, if not the year.