Back to Our Roots

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So this may be news to some, but we are moving! We aren’t sure of the exact date, but it is in the process of becoming finally official.

Since the first time Evan and I met, we have discussed settling down in a small town close to our families. We didn’t know it then, but God brought us together to do just that. Evan has been in San Antonio for almost 9 years now. He came here as an 18-year-old kid going to undergrad at UTSA and later on attended law school at St. Mary’s University (sorry I totally spilled the beans on how old you are, babe!). For those of you that don’t know Bug as I like to call him, he was born to live in the country. I am from Orange, Texas, a town that isn’t exactly in the middle of nowhere, but it hasn’t made it’s mark on the big map of Texas just yet. I’m not a full-on country girl, but I am certainly not cut out to settle down or raise my future children in the city either. So, nothing against San Antonio or the people here, but we need to get back to our roots.

Over the summer, we will move to Evan’s Granny’s old house in Lolita/Ganado, Texas. The forward slash is because Evan can’t exactly tell me what town this house is in…that’s reassuring, right? Like, can I get an address to this place?! Since his Grandmother’s passing a few years ago the house has been rented out to multiple tenants that haven’t treated this house with the respect it deserves. It’s a 3 bed/2 bath house that sits on an acre lot. But, the family owns the surrounding 60 acres (that haven’t been built on) which makes it nice and quiet. The land that it is on is absolutely beautiful and serine. Just what we need after years of being in a loud city.

The absolute best part of this whole move is that we get to fix up the house ourselves. The whole reason we started this blog is to document our creative journey together and we have a golden opportunity to really jump start that adventure. We are excited and the anticipation is killing us to get started on this project.

Our first step is to just get the house livable. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in the house needs a new coat of paint and we are saying bye-bye to the wallpaper and shag carpet. We will really remodel once our bank accounts give us the “OK” to do so, but for now, fresh paint will be our first step. I have added pictures of my first visit to the house and I really had to take on the mindset of Joanna Gaines to keep from running full speed in the opposite direction. Be advised, the lovely tenant that last resided here did not live up to his lease and left behind piles of junk and nastiness for us to clean. Thanks man.

Here is the front of the house. Later on, the plan is to close in that one car garage to use as part of a master bed and bath. That will be fun when we get to it. The outside definitely needs new landscaping, but we will keep the big magnolia tree in front and trim up the rose bush. Painting the house is something we both are really wanting to do so I can’t wait until that face-lift begins.
IMG_2442 IMG_2443
alking through the front door, the living room is to the left…IMG_2427
And this is the second angle of the front door. Like I said, paint totally needs to happen and the carpet has got to go ASAP.
We tore up the carpet in the ‘formal dining’ area and found the treasure of original wood flooring, SCORE! The door to the backyard needs replacing, hopefully french doors are in our future. The door in the second picture is to the garage. We will probably keep the chair rail paneling for now, painting it white and replacing the wallpaper above it with a light grey or neutral paint color.
Making a 180 degree turn, you will see the kitchen…don’t worry, I was scared too.
*Warning: Sarcasm ahead.*
Shout to the sweet tenant that left the mud tracks, the bag of trash that weighed as much as I do (and smelled terrific), and the multiple handles of empty vodka bottles. YOU ROCK! My plans for the kitchen include painting the cabinets, counter tops, walls, AND floors. Later on, we will completely remodel the kitchen by replacing all cabinets and counter tops and expanding the kitchen to the far wall that you see in the above picture. New appliances and a farm sink will be necessities as well as new flooring and an island.
IMG_2432  IMG_2433
On the far wall of the kitchen there is a bathroom. The hot water heater is housed in this room along with the hook-ups for the washer and dryer. This will be one of our biggest projects in the house. We would like to take out the toilet and sink and make this our laundry/mudroom. We will add a door where the shower or toilet is so that we can enter from the backyard. Evan is constantly working outside and even when he has only spent 5 minutes out of the house, he somehow tracks in debris without fail (don’t worry, he admits this). We want to keep the drain and make the full shower into a half shower so if we have dogs or kids or a dirty Evan we can keep the dirt and mud contained in that area so it isn’t spread throughout the house.
Now lets move on down the shag carpet hall to the bedrooms and main bathroom…IMG_2437
The first stop on the right is the blue room. This space is complete with trash bag curtains and sheets that have probably never been washed. Who wants to be our first visitor? In all seriousness, this bedroom don’t need a ton of work. New paint, refinished floors, and a new light fixture will do just fine for now.
he next two bedrooms are in the same condition, nothing too difficult to fix.IMG_2440 IMG_2441
The bathroom on the other hand…is pink. I completely understand that when this house was built, this was the popular color and style of bathroom. But thankfully, 2015 does not agree. As of now, we can not afford to take on a whole bathroom demolition project, but I have done my fair share of Pinterest and blog research on how to tackle this task. I have a plan for painting every surface in this room including the bathtub. I’d like to figure out a way to add a shower head later and really make this a functional bathroom for people that don’t want to just take baths…
I need some fresh air after all that so lets head to the back yard. Right outside is this huge oak tree that will lose a few limbs for safety purposes, but otherwise will stay as a protector and accessory to the backyard. 
Evan brought the power-washer when we visited so he could clean the mildew and age spots off the back of the house. Looking at the before and after pictures, I’d say it makes a heck of a difference. We will do our best to hide the wires and utilities that hug the back of the house when we get a chance.
IMG_2445  IMG_2451
These are pictures of a man very proud of his power-washing skills and ability to get completely dirty from head to toe in a matter of minutes.
IMG_2447  IMG_2448
nd this is a picture of his fiance that is excited and anxious for the project ahead and also, scared that she might need a tetanus shot from all the trash behind her…IMG_2450
Long story short, we are ready. Ready to be in a house that we have truly made our own and for the challenge that comes with it. This house is special to the Anders’ family and now we have an opportunity to give it a little love to improve it. Changing jobs, houses, and scenery is an exhilarating feeling and while the controlling, planning, uptight old lady in my brain is flipping out, I’m basking in the excitement of a new chapter with my best friend by my side. Again, we are ready.


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  1. This makes me so happy! I love to watch Fixer Upper and I have seen some beautiful homes painted and changed on the outside, and the inside is simply amazing, as well. I can’t wait to see what you do to it! I am so very happy for you! Love you and can’t wait to come for a visit one day!

    1. Thank you so much! We are very excited to get started on it and have our belongings moved in…that will be a couple more months though. I’d love to have you visit once everything is put together 🙂 Also, congratulations!!! I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there, but next time I’m in town we will get lunch and catch up. Love you!

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