Behind the Scenes Beach House Projects

Construct, Design, DIY, Interior / Saturday, April 11th, 2015

So, Mom bought a beach house. We are all so excited to have a place to get away and unwind. With anything, I like to take any opportunity to build something, so this felt like my time to shine. I offered to build several pieces of furniture to go into the house. Overall, the house is one of a kind, so I wanted to create pieces that would be just the same.IMG_2465 IMG_2467 IMG_2466IMG_2471

Pictured above is an entry table that I built. I will not be giving a how-to on this one. This build was extremely challenging and I would not recommend it for the casual DIY’er. Wanting to create a one-off piece, I began construction with just an overall dimension and went from there. Literally, I didn’t draw this up before I did anything – sometimes I like to work untethered. And because there were no plans, several frustrating mistakes were made. Sometimes, however, these mistakes result in an end result that could never before have been contemplated. This piece, no doubt, will satisfy my and my mother’s desires in her new home.IMG_2468 IMG_2470

You might remember this piece. It’s the IKEA chest of drawers that has been featured before in our blog. Katie did a blue wash on it. This basically consists of taking blue latex paint and watering it down to make a stain-like finish. The wooden IKEA pulls were swapped out for pulls that we found at World Market. The pulls really set this piece off. IMG_2481  IMG_2480 IMG_2479  IMG_2463 IMG_2474IMG_2475

Lastly, the farm table needed seating. So I built benches. These benches are extremely easy to build and provide a feeling of community when the family is all seated at the table. In the future, I’ll do an instructional post on how to build them. Once the benches were built, we added rope handles, added a dark stain to the top and whitewashed the base. I’m a huge fan of the contrast that the dark stained boards provide as well as the added benefit of hiding food spills a bit better than whitewash. The end-chairs were bought at TJ-Max and really tie everything together for that light airy feel.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look at a few of the smaller, and bigger, projects we have been working on behind the scenes.