Homestead: First Weekend

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K: We have been looking forward to this past weekend for some time now. This was the weekend that we were able to actually start REAL work on the house. Evan has been there without me once to do some work in the yard and get it looking like people actually lived there. He worked wonders in our yard, y’all; but, this weekend we really got down to the nitty gritty.

E: One word – overwhelmed. It’s a constant battle to fight back the feeling when taking on a project like this. This weekend we had some high’s and low’s but overall, we felt like we made good solid PROGRESS. And so long as we can say that each and every time we go to work on the Homestead we’ll be just fine. This weekend, it has come to my attention that I need to become an accomplished novice in dry wall as well as a jack of all other trades in order to make this facelift a success.

K: As if he isn’t already a jack-of-all-trades already!


K: Our first stop was Home Depot to get paint for the entire house, and I’m sure we will be returning in the near future. As you can see, we measured the entire house and I did the math to figure up how much paint was needed. If I even come close to being correct on the amount I’m going to be so relieved…and very proud of myself. Math was never my strong-point. I chose the colors a few weeks ago while milling around in Lowe’s. We went with Bistro White for the trim, doors, ceilings, paneling, and kitchen cabinets. Urban Sunrise is the grey that we chose for all the walls in the house. Yes, it’s a lot of white and grey, but we can’t wait for a simple clean look. NO MORE YELLOW.


E: Thank GOD, no more YELLOW! I will never till the day I die paint any wall yellow. And if any part of my casket is yellow I’m going to ask God to let me return to earth and beat the crap out of the person responsible. Now…if only I told you how I really feel…

So we decided to pull only the trim that had wallpaper behind it. The rest of the trim will be painted in place. Doing this, will save time and eliminated to risk of cracking good trim by removing it.


K: So we took down all the wallpaper in the dining room and kitchen. The above picture is what I was dealing with in the kitchen…it’s a shame that plaid and floral went out of style, right? *rolls eyes*


E: In this picture of the living room window, we removed the gorgeous bed sheet style curtains (sarcasm) to find that the window casing was unfinished. I’m pretty excited to be able to put my own touch on this window. I’m hoping to add a classic country window seal and header. Stay tuned for more pictures on this mini project that will be ongoing.

K: Sadly, some of the smokey windows are double paned, which means that we can’t clean them. They will have to be replaced, but that will come later.


K: We took off all the kitchen cabinet doors so that they can be primed for paint. This is only half of the kitchen. Why, oh why, must there be so many cabinets?!



K: I set up all the cabinets in the living room. I placed a few doors on sawhorses and painted one side. Since we didn’t have 50 sawhorses for all the doors, I used the bed sheet curtains as a make-shift drop cloth. But, let’s be real, the carpet would have been just fine by itself since its days are numbered. It’s awesome to not have to worry about messing up the floors right now.


K: This is what our living room looked like when we left…it’s a chaotic mess of progress and wet paint.


E: I have had some experience with air vents; when I was a kid, my Dad and I painted some rooms in our house and I remembered how dusty and rusty the air vent was. When we spray painted it, it looked like it was brand new and it really completed the paint job. I like to do these finishing touches first, whenever possible, to avoid rushing through these steps at the end when you are tired of painting and all you can think about is being done. The only drawback is that now we have to store these somewhere until we are through painting the ceiling, which, to me is a small price to pay.


K: This is part of the kitchen to the left of the sink. By the time we left Sunday morning, I had this half of all the cabinets and drawers primed. Needless to say, my forearms are very sore. I haven’t been looking forward to painting the cabinets just because it’s such tedious work, but I have to admit that I am addicted to the progress.

IMG_2510 IMG_2511

K: Personally, I thought this plan was genius since we didn’t have any cardboard lying around to put the screws in (these go to the air vents).

E: Seeing as it was her idea, Katie WOULD think it was genius. I have to admit the concept was pretty good, but the execution left something to be desired. We needed something to hold the screws so that we could paint the screw heads, usually, a piece of cardboard is used. As soon as I started spraying the screws, I had a vague recollection of something about spray paint and styrofoam not liking each other. My vague recollection quickly became the present experience when the styrofoam began to melt. It’s ok though, the cup held up enough for me to finish the job, even if it did look like a wilted flower by the time I was done.

We are back in San Antonio now and are already itching to get back to the house to get more done. It’s an exciting thing to think we will be there full-time in June though. Hurry up, Summer!

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