Chevron Arrows

Construct, Design, DIY, Repurpose / Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

We have an over abundance of aged fence boards due to generous neighbors and my nosey fiancé. He has been busy figuring out how to get rid of the boards in a productive manner so we won’t have to move all of these boards come June. I was smitten with these chevron arrows that he made and can’t wait to actually put them on a nice crisp white wall. Sadly, I’ll have to wait. I only need three of them, but Evan made six just for the heck of it.

The extra three are up for sale together for $60.00 OBO. If you want just one, leave a comment below with your email and we can discuss the price for the singular. Keep in mind these are raw boards so they have a natural rough texture. Also, if you want them painted a certain color I will do that for you too (that’s included in the price). Let me know y’all!


Cute ideas for these precious decorations:
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