Pinterest Does it Again

Design, Homestead, Interior / Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Like most women, I love pinterest. What’s not to love? I can spend my entire day constantly scrolling through pinterest with no end in sight…must. keep. scrolling. down.

Through my constant scrolling I have come across some amazing inspiration walls, floors, cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, rugs, picture frames, mantels, and seriously, I could go on forever. I want to share a few of these things with you and see what you think. Now remember, some of this is probably in the distant future. With moving, planning a wedding, AND trying to fix this place up it can be a little overwhelming and downright expensive.

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I’ll start off in the living room with the faux fireplace.faux-fireplace3

Since we don’t have luxury of having a real fireplace, I’d love to make a facade of one. Lets be honest, we will be in South Texas…we will not need a real fireplace anyway. I’d like to make it similar to the one in the above picture, minus the stone. I’d probably keep with the wood theme like she has behind her TV. Don’t ever hide a plank or shiplap wall/display! I love the idea of using books to disguise the DVD player and any other electronics that the TV needs.

plank wall

I know that the above picture is displaying a dining room, but I want that amazing plank shelf wall to be part of the mantel wall. If not THE mantel wall. Heck, we might even throw the faux fireplace out altogether and do this wall instead. As you can tell already, I make up my mind, but it is easily changed when I see something pretty.


I’m all about herringbone patterns lately and since we simply can not live with the kitchen laminate tile it will need replacing or covering up with real tile. I guess Evan could live with it, but he wouldn’t be able to live with ME living with it, if you know what I mean. This herringbone, slate tile floor is my absolute favorite and I’d like to keep it going in the laundry room and bathroom if possible.


The only thing I’m sure about in the kitchen at the moment is a farm sink, subway tile, and floating shelves. I know that those three things are all the rage right now, but why wouldn’t they be? I think this look is timeless. I want the backsplash to continue to the ceiling like in this picture. I really want to work my magic in making this kitchen look and feel original even if what I’m inputting is extremely popular.



I think this bathroom calls for a moment of silence…

Y’all. I want everything about this bathroom. To the patterned tile to the lace shower curtain. To the chalky gray tub to the gold faucets and handles. I can’t.

I’ll just leave it at that.


Lets hope we have more than one bathroom that we can afford to makeover because this one is just as glorious to me. The subway tile with dark grout from floor to ceiling is such a statement. The patterned floors just make me smile. Believe it or not I think I have convinced Evan to let me have a patterned tile floor somewhere in the house and really all I had to do was suggest it. He really does surprise me sometimes.


We decided this tile was a little bit more our speed. Even though the price isn’t at all what we like to see at least we have an idea so we can keep an eye out for a bargain that is similar.


lighting 2

I went into panic-mode the other day when realizing that I have never focused on light fixtures. I never really notice them unless they are a real statement piece and I didn’t even understand how in the heck I was going to pick them out for our house. Pinterest got tired of me the night that this dawned on me. These are just two of the inspirations that I chose. I love chicken wire mostly because I know we can make that easy and on the cheap so yes, please. The top picture just makes me want to run to my nearest flea market and buy them all. On Fixer Upper, Joanna found lights very similar to those yet they were red and my first thought was, “Gosh, I hope she paints those a different color…” but of course she pulled it off and they look beyond awesome in that particular kitchen. I’d love to grab a bold color like that to place in our dining area. As much as I love the white and neutral look, I feel like I’ll throw in a random subtle color at some point. Shh, don’t tell Evan.

I’m just going to stop here and let you soak all that in. I see a few more inspiration posts in my future because that simply wasn’t enough. Evan is at the house this week working on taping and floating some of the walls that needed a little extra love and getting smaller jobs out of the way. Hopefully by the time I get there this weekend we can pull up some carpet and start making this place look more like home. Although, I do admit, I feel like this house is already my home. During my first walk-through I really didn’t think I would get to the point of calling it home for awhile. It was dirty and musty and tired. In the little time that we have been able to put into it, it has brightened up and so have I. This will be the house that we come to when we need to celebrate and laugh and the house that will witness a lot of tears and heartache that life brings.

The homestead is home.


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  1. I love all of your ideas, Katie…keep them coming. When do you expect to live there, you think?

    1. We have to be out of our current house at the end of June, but I plan to be moved by the middle of June sometime. Our summer is so crazy so I just want to get it over with!

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