Why New Haven?

Family, Uncategorized / Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

We have been questioned a few times concerning the meaning behind our name, New Haven Market. Well, here is your explanation.

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The street that we live on in San Antonio is named New Haven Drive. This was our first house to live in together. At first we found it charming and cute, even through all the yellow-y yellowness of it. As much as we hate on this house sometimes, it represents us and how this whole adventure started. I have heard in the past that every couple has that ‘one house’ or apartment where they look back and think,”How in the world did we stand living there?”. I truly believe everyone NEEDS that first house to experience together. It allows you to grow with one another and find out how the other handles situations that you wouldn’t normally experience living apart. For example, learning that the A/C is so loud you have to turn the TV on max volume when it comes on, or when an uninvited rodent makes its way into your oven walls…and dies (did you know there were oven walls? Me either). There are many other frustrations of living in an awkward house, but you learn to laugh at them and more importantly, you learn a lot about one another. This house on New Haven Drive is ‘that’ house for us. It’s a great first home and the comedic adventures that come with living here make us thankful for it. New Haven was a perfect name for a design blog simply because haven is defined as “a place of safety or refuge” and that is exactly what we want to create.

The word ‘market’ came into play after we had already settled on “New Haven”. I have been dreaming of opening a interior design/DIY/home decorations shop and so I thought that New Haven needed one more word added to the end. Co-op? No. Decor? No. Market? Absolutely. It was perfect for what I was going for. We decided to claim the website and it all worked out anyway because newhaven.com was not available.

So New Haven Market was born from the name of our street. It represents our first place together and where all of this started. Although we are moving away from our beloved New Haven Drive house, we will certainly never forget it.


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