Before and During Pictures at the Homestead

Construct, Design, Homestead, Kitchen / Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Our lives have officially gone into “crazy mode”! We are starting new jobs, moving from San Antonio, and trying to get the Homestead livable. Even though things are scattered all over the place right now, it’s definitely an exciting time in our lives.

Last Wednesday and Thursday we moved all of our belongings out of San Antonio and into the Homestead, even though it isn’t anywhere near ready. We were so antsy to get out of the city, that we just decided to bite the bullet and get it over with. I think Evan is thrilled that this move with me is over with. In the two years that we have known one another, we have helped¬†the other move at least four times that I can remember and I’m not exactly the most pleasant person during those moves. They just stress me out…at least I can admit I’m a grouch.

Before we moved, I took progress pictures so you can see the improvements without all of our junk in the way. The “during” pictures were taken with my iPhone because I forgot my camera at home so the quality may not be as good.

Here we have the living room before:


In the progress pictures you will see that we painted the walls and took up the carpet. What a difference right?!


 Before of the opposite wall of the living room:


We are in the process of getting new trim boards and making casings for the doors and the large window that isn’t pictured. The trim will be white.


Before of the dining room, looking in from the living area.


We pulled up the carpet in here as well and should be finished with this room by the end of the week. The panelling/chair rail will be white, you can see it is mid way though the process of being primed. The sliding door will get a new casing as well and once our wallets give the “go-ahead” we will replace the doors with French doors.


Before and progress of the kitchen, it all speaks for itself.












As you an see, the kitchen has taken a lot of our time. We sadly let go of the old crock pot, whiskey bottle, and the overhanging cabinets. We put up new texture and paint on the walls and ceiling, and painted the cabinets and paneling. I’m planning on starting the doors of the cabinets this week. I will be painting the countertop a charcoal gray and even painting the top of the oven black so it won’t look so…off-white.

While writing, it is the first time I’m seeing our progress pictures side-by-side and I can’t help but smile. It’s hard to see the updates each day, but after a couple weeks you have to remind yourself even though it seems slow, it’s progress.


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