Bargain Living Room Furniture

Design, Homestead, Interior, Repurpose / Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Evan and I have been all over town trying to find good quality furniture for an affordable price. I’m not going to lie, it gives me an adrenaline rush finding really good deals. We shared in an earlier post an awesome long dresser that needed some love and an old vanity that was also hurting for a new paint job. We will take the after pictures of those as soon as I get the decorations surrounding them perfect ­čÖé As for now, this is what we have going on in our living room. It is pretty large and all we had coming in to the house was a couch and a bookshelf. We sold pretty much all of our other furniture in hopes of finding other gems to fill our space and luckily, we have been successful!

I sometimes forget to put before pictures so bear with me. Also, the decor is no where near finished!


This guy came with his two sister side tables (you will see one pictured below). What sold us was the cool industrial hardware that was attached to it. It was all brown like the top. I put a couple coats of white latex paint in the legs and bottom shelf and hand sanded it to distress the white a little. We may keep them for awhile, but they also might be stand-ins. By the way, the set of 3 was $25! We couldn’t pass it up, would you?!


Below is the before of what will be our little entertainment center that we got for $25 also. We are not fans of the red wood color, even though much of our floors resemble it. We tried our hand at sanding the ENTIRE piece. It wasn’t fun and many times I stepped back to look at it and see if any other options came to me so I wouldn’t have to go any further.


Here is our after. After we sanded the heck out of this thing, I put a couple coats of white wash on it and called it a day.


Evan wasn’t a fan of the original hardware so he went out and picked his own and I must say, “Good job, babe!”


Forgive me for this picture with horrible quality, but it’s the only picture I took of this piece in it’s BEFORE┬ástate. This awesome runner table was sitting outside our favorite bargain store (it’s literally called The Bargain Store). Evan couldn’t seem to part with it so we took it home for $40 and they even let us throw in a filing cabinet that Evan wanted.image1

After the feat of the entertainment center, I was ready to put down the sander for good. Luckily, we got through it (with Evan’s help, duh). All I did was sand the top down because there was a lot of carvings and writing on the top of it. Sanding it down brought out it’s natural color and all Evan did was put a little linseed oil on it finish it off. It’s pretty beat up around the legs, but the character shows through that. Plus, distressed is best ­čÖé

This is a piece that I can definitely see painting in the future, but for now it’s a perfect piece to walk in the door and see. Plus, it hugs our couch perfectly.


That completes the living room tour for now. Hopefully in the near future I can show y’all the rest and it will be much more put together without tool kits and paint in the background!