We’reeeee Backkkkk!

Homestead, Interior / Sunday, October 25th, 2015

After a little bit of a “time out” with the house we are back at it! Slowly, but surely, we will start working on projects in and around the Homestead.

As most of you know, we got married last weekend. We absolutely enjoyed the time spent with our family and friends on one of the most important days of our lives. Now that we are back home and no longer working on wedding projects or planning all the events surrounding a marriage, we have more time to focus on our baby: the house. No not a human baby, don’t get ahead of us here.

We just got some of the wedding decorations from my parents and I have been working off and on today finding spots for our dual-purpose goodies. You see, when we started gathering small items for decorations for the wedding I used a lot of what we already had at home, therefore the decor around the house was sparse. I also bought quite a bit of ┬ánew decorations at Paul Michael Company and Hobby Lobby. These items were picked out for the wedding, but I planned for them to go in the house once they had their wedding debut. I was most excited to get these things back because I have been mentally staging these items all about the house for months. That’s normal, right?

Our catch-all room is finally starting to look like the craft/office/workout room that we intend it to be. I have cleaned a lot of things out of there today in hopes that a treadmill will be finding it’s way in their soon. The unfortunate thing about living the country is that there isn’t really a place to run or walk unless you want to put on some snake boots and herd the cows. I’d rather not. The “multipurpose room” is a light green and we will leave it that way for now. It’s a bearable color and we are STILL burnt out from painting. We have yet to paint the guest room which is a bright blue aka NOT a bearable color. We hope to take on that room in the near future.

Once we both started our jobs a few months ago everything was put on hold. There are MANY projects around our house that were started, but not completed. For instance, painting the trim in each room, painting our pantry, putting the doors back on the hinges (we still don’t have a bedroom door), fixing the bathroom ceiling, organizing the office to make it functional, putting up window treatments, and I could literally go on for hours. None of that includes projects that we HAVEN’T started yet.

I’m really excited to get back into the blog-of-things and continue the Homestead makeover. Stay tuned!