Magnolia Market #SILOBRATION

Design, Interior / Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

So we nerded-out last weekend, and by we, I mostly mean me. We went up to Waco, Texas for the grand opening of the Magnolia Market at their new location, the silos! In case you are lost, Magnolia Market is a interior decor shop owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines. They have a show on HGTV called Fixer Upper and it’s a hit. If you want to check it out, the first season is on Netflix…you’re welcome in advance.

Evan and I had a budget for the weekend and that quickly went out the door once I stepped foot inside the shop. Even though we over spent, we loved being there and only bought things that we had our eyes set on from the beginning OR items that we knew we couldn’t make or buy at our local Hoppy Lobby. After we spent some time at the shop, we went driving around town with my parents and explored Waco’s antique/junk scene. GUYS, IT’S HEAVEN. Every store we went into I was just in awe of everything, I wanted it all.

I’ve added some pictures of our treasures and a link under them that will take you to either the item online or to the store’s website. Enjoy!

We bought two of these cuties and plan to get some fresh flowers or babies breath to decorate them with. I’m waiting to get the flowers before hanging them.

From: Magnolia Market

Mr. Goat was a last minute grab when we were making our way to the check-out line. I wanted something that signified that we got it at Magnolia Market and this guy was too great to pass up. He is currently content hanging from our oven handle, even though I KNOW I’m going to have to convince Evan that it really isn’t meant to wipe his dirty hands on.  I can just hear it now…”Katie, It’s a TOWEL…”

From: Magnolia Market

This candle was well worth the money. It is seriously the best smelling candle EVER, plus you can hear it when it’s burning. For some reason, it soothes me.

From: Magnolia Market

My only goal for the weekend was to find a large sign. It didn’t matter what it said and I didn’t even know where it would go, but that was all I wanted. Well, we got it alright. After buying it we both realized that there was no where to put it in the kitchen, where it should rightfully go. Once we got home, we switched the mirror that was once in this spot, with the sign and it works perfectly. We will probably scoot it over some since it is hugging the light switch. This is a wall that takes you to the kitchen from the dining room so it is appropriately placed.

From: Magnolia Market

Next, we visited Clint Harp’s shop, Harp Design Co. This guy is Evan’s hero. He is an excellent carpenter and makes the most beautiful pieces out of reclaimed wood. On an episode of Fixer Upper, him and Joanna made candlesticks for a client’s house and we both loved the look of them. This was Evan’s only goal of the weekend: Locate candlesticks.

From: Harp Design Co.

Dad bought us this raw wood A to add to our collection. I love it.

From: Harp Design Co.

Last, but certainly not least, our favorite find, the raw wood post. Evan found a few at a little shop we were at, but it was upwards of $75 and we just couldn’t stand to spend that much money on something that we didn’t know what we were going to do with. When were walking to another shop, I spotted this gem in a corner by the window. I went straight to it and found the price tag: $24. SOLD.

We are still in debate over where it is going to go or what purpose it is going to hold. Any ideas?

From: La Salle Shoppes

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