Christmas in November

Design, Holiday Decorations, Interior / Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

**I apologize in advance for the bad photo quality. These were taken with my phone that is not at all a reliable source for, well, anything these days. We left our good camera at the beach house on our honeymoon. Will be retrieving that soon!

I have learned that in life there are two types of people: those that decorate for Christmas in December and those that decorate for Christmas in November…well before Thanksgiving. I am one of those crazed holiday people that loves to decorate for Christmas before Turkey day even arrives. Evan on the other, couldn’t give two-you-know-whats about when or if the decorations ever make an appearance…we are working through this.

When mid-November rolls around I get this crazy-Christmas look in my eye and I blame this on my mother. She (almost) always decorated the house for Christmas before Thanksgiving so the people attending Thanksgiving could A) View her Christmas stash and Santa collection twice in one month and B) Everyone could take their family Christmas pictures in front of the highly decorated and beautiful Christmas tree.

I skipped the fall decor mostly because I swore off Hobby Lobby after seeing MILLIONS of adorable pumpkins that I wanted. We had other important things to buy for the house like french doors, OMG. It goes without saying that this post is directed towards my Christmas decorations.

A lot of our holiday decor is leftovers from years past mixed with new Hobby Lobby finds, bargain store finds, wedding goodies, and decorations we already had around the house.

I decided that I want very subtle red accents in our decorations this year. Since our house is screaming neutral, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add little bits of red to make it festive. When you walk in the front door we have a runner table that hugs the back of the couch. The NOEL sign is from Target last season and the red beads are from Hobby Lobby.

On the coffee table is this AWESOME galvanized milk/tool crate that I got from Paul Michael Co. for the wedding. We only used it at the rehearsal dinner as a centerpiece, but I’m loving it in the house. I filled it with garland, ornaments, “snow twigs”? from Hobby Lobby, and faux berried to go with the red accents that I wanted.

The first wall that you see when you come in the house is this basically blank, plain, uninteresting blob. Yes, this wall is a blob. I put up empty picture frames and a shutter a few months back to add something to it…it’s still extremely boring to me. But, for Christmas I just wrapped up some garland, added more berries and pinecones and there you have it: CHRISTMAS. In the empty frames I put up our stockings from last year, now wishing I would have bought Evan a cream colored one like mine, but oh well. These are from Target. I also added a little touch of sparkle with the acorns from Hobby Lobby. The ‘A’ was bought by my dad when we visited Harp Design Co. in Waco a few weeks ago.


The ‘Merry Christmas’ cloth sign was at Hobby Lobby this year for a whole $4.00. I just put it over a decorative tapestry that we got as a wedding present from Target. (Shout out to Ben and Tally a.k.a. Bally)


I went to the Bargain Store the other day in Victoria and came across an old Christmas record and I LOVED the cover of it. I bought that and the little “The Night Before Christmas” book just to set up on the bookshelf.


We added a little interest to our dining room table with ornaments, candles, a little wooden reindeer from Hobby Lobby, all on an old mirror that my mom and I found a couple years ago. This white, distressed frame makes the whole centerpiece. Hopefully, Evan will be moving in a new table sometime next week!

More snow twigs (?) in a white pitcher. This guy hasn’t found his home in the house just yet, but I like that it greets me when I come in from the back yard.


Last, but not least, is the tree. The decorations are last years ornaments, bargain store ornaments, and leftover lace and burlap from the wedding. It has some sparkle, but not too much. If you know my husband at all you will know that he doesn’t get along with bright colors or sparkle so the tree suits him and I just fine.

As you can tell, I love me some Christmas, but probably in the most subtle way possible. I have little knick-knacks around the house, but none of it is overboard. But, doesn’t everyone think that about their own Christmas decorations?