Industrial Style Light Fixture and Life Update

Construct, Design, Homestead, Interior / Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Happy 2016! We are so thrilled to start a new year and see where it takes us and what surprises are in store. Last year when we started this blog, we were overwhelmed with all the support that we received from friends and family and the occasional stranger. We are happy to know that we have regulars to the blog and enjoy hearing your own home projects.

As for us lately, we have been enjoying our time off work and time with our families. I have already taken down the Christmas tree (sad day) and redecorated the common areas so they don’t look so bland without garland, lights, and sparkles.

I decided to do a little update on a light fixture that I might have teased awhile back. This is our dining room fixture that provides light in that area as well as the living room since we don’t have an overhead light to brighten that space.

We desired a fixture that really made a statement and brought out that raw industrial feel that we wanted.

I found these ideas from the oh, so loyal, PINTEREST…

Ceiling Mounted Industrial Long Steel Pipe by WestNinthVintage, $63.00:

This Pin was discovered by Chloe Julians. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest.:

I'm not doing this, but what a great idea! Maybe I could do this in a few years over the bar in the kitchen would look great.:

Our dining room has a funky layout, see this blog post to see the shape, the overhead light source is on one side of the room, not in the center. This was our reasoning for wanting a long fixture to hide the awkward placement. Since those pictures, we have obviously taken out the carpet, textured the walls, painted the paneling white, painted the walls a light gray, and added french doors (replacing the old sliding doors).

Just a side note, when I say “we” concerning this project, I really mean Evan. All I did was click SUBMIT ORDER on Amazon for the accessories. I also got some serious arm muscles helping him install it, but that’s a story for a different day.

To make this fixture we bought 1″ cast iron pipe and had it cut to 9′ at Lowe’s. They will cut the pipe to size for free. Also, we had 2 tees and 2 flanges. We bought the pendant lights from Ikea (see here). If you went to link, you will see that they have a plug on the end, which was not ideal for us, but Evan was confident that he could cut the plug and splice the wires together. He did just that. From Amazon, we ordered the industrial wire light cover (see here) and the Edison light bulbs. You will see that we only have two in. The other two are also vintage bulbs, but from Lowes and much cheaper than the Edisons.

With all the components that we needed, Evan drilled holes in the 9′ pipe so that the wires from the pendants could be exposed. He then wired them together and to their power source. I can’t even begin to tell you how he did that because it’s like rocket science to me. He then spray painted the entire pipe with black, durable spray paint. We installed the fixture, which was way harder than either of us expected. It involved some curse words, sighs of frustration, and me standing on the dining table trying to hold this thing steady while the installation was in process. It was much like a circus act. But, it was completed and it’s a unique statement to our dining room.IMG_2677

Obviously wasn’t paying attention to the candle trying to make its getaway…


Top of the piping with the wires
Attachment to the ceiling