Current State: TYRD

Design, Homestead, Interior, Repurpose / Thursday, February 18th, 2016

In case you’re confused on the title, just ask the Bloxom family. It means TIRED, but with an Orange, Texas accent.

I’m currently sitting in our newly painted and organized (somewhat) office. I don’t have many pictures because it isn’t anywhere near complete or appealing enough for pictures. Heck, we don’t even have chairs. I’m sitting on a miniature ladder that I found at Goodwill years ago. It’s cute with green paint chipping off of it. Is it comfortable? No. Is it sturdy? No. Two reasons why this blog post will be short and sweet.

Let’s take it back. I first had the idea to paint our guest bedroom. It was still a bright baby blue and I cringed everytime I walked in. I didn’t want the room where our guests were expected to sleep to be the leftover room that I never wanted to acknowledge. Also, my design desire was taking over me like crazy. You know, the feeling when all you can do is scroll through pinterest drooling at other people’s houses…must.keep.scrolling. I finally broke and decided to “just do it”. But then it hit me…an IDEA. The wall between the guest bedroom and the bathroom will eventually be moved farther into the bedroom. This will open up the bathroom and allow it to be reorganized. If we make the guest bedroom any smaller, it wasn’t going to fit a queen bed (request from my royal mother and father) AND a crib when necessary. The guest room will probably need to double as a nursery one day because of spacial issues. THIS IS NOT A PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT. I’m looking towards the future, people. So, instead of keeping the guest room as it was and just painting the room, I decided to switch the office and the guest bedroom. This makes so much more sense. The office at the time, was larger and essentially nothing has to be done to that room besides paint.

Basically, my simple idea of just painting the guest bedroom very quickly became…let’s switch the guest bedroom and office and all it’s belongs AND paint BOTH rooms! That escalated quickly. But, now that one room is painted and the furniture in the rooms are switched I’m so relieved that it’s almost done. I adore the set up in the office and it’s something that I can totally live with.

FYI, I am not showing you the full room. The other half is in shambles and everything here isn’t organized. I wouldn’t dare show you Evan’s desk…it’s a disaster. He calls it ‘clean’.


This was a $10.00 Bargain Store find awhile back. It was your typical black and silver beat up file cabinet. Evan suggested painting it since I was complaining about its ugliness and pretty much refused to have it in the office. He did this on is own, guys. I LOVE it. He used gold and hammered bronze spray paint. That’s one good looking file cabinet.


I try to mix both of us into the decorating. The succulent is fake though…I’m ashamed. I can’t seem to keep much of anything green alive. It’s a daily struggle really. The gun…of course. Don’t worry, we never have small children at the house and it’s not loaded. We will take precautions in the future, I swear. For now though, I think it’s a cool accessory. Gun = accessory. That’s normal, right?


I haven’t put much effort into the wall candy just yet. We will most likely have shelves above here anyway. As you can tell, I REALLY like the idea of greenery in the house. I can’t really hide the monster printer of Evan’s. He uses it so often that it would be such a paint to hide it just for aesthetics-sake. You’ll never guess what all of this is sitting on. The cabinets that we took down in the kitchen months ago are now our floor shelving in our office. It’s fun to repurpose things.


This is just a small corner on my desk. Evan’s desk is all business and mine is certainly all play. I’m an art teacher for goodness sake, my work IS my play. Btw, I’m extremely blessed that I can say that. I have my brushes, my calligraphy pens, paint pens, and colored pencils all ready for their next victim. That plant is real. I got him yesterday and I’m hoping my black thumb can become green some day. This is the most well lit room in the house so if he dies here, I have no hope in growing plants, period.

Sorry this is such a miniature update and that the pictures are more of a tease. We will work at more pictures and projects! Follow us on insta for more frequent updates on the house and on our life in general! Instagram link is to your right or if you’re on the mobile site scroll all the way to the bottom.




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