Baby Side Table Makeover

Design, Homestead, Interior / Monday, February 29th, 2016

I got to work on this little project a couple weeks ago and I’m just now getting around to posting on it. #sorry. We have had this tiny side table since we moved in


It was long forgotten by the previous owner and left for dead. I thought he was cute. Plus, it’s solid wood so why would I want to leave it for dead as well? That’s like, sinful.

After months of looking at him and wondering what he would look best as…a bright color, a white, a distressed, a mixture of all? It finally hit me: I’m going to make him funky. I have had heart-eyes over a lot of bohemian style houses and furniture lately that I wanted to incorporate that into the house. We obviously have a farmhouse, but why does it have to fit one mold? Where in the rule book does it say I CAN’T have a rustic, industrial, boho, farmhouse style?

Going back to the side table. I wanted it to be a neutral color since I’m all about that white and gray. But I wanted to incorporate the boho style through geometric shapes and still keep the distressed feel.

So here is what he turned out looking like (besides missing knobs).


He is a cutie, right?

I sanded all of the sides down…IMG_2721

…and went over it with a white latex paint. To get the white wash effect I simply dipped my brush in the paint and then barely dipped it in a cup of water before applying it. Once I finished a side, I took a wash cloth and wiped down the white so it created somewhat of a transparency. I did this all over until it was covered.

Now for the fun part. Once the white wash dried, I taped off the triangles and spray painted them with double strength spray paint.


IMG_2729IMG_2725 IMG_2726IMG_2728IMG_2727

I love the way this project turned out. I’m just waiting on an idea for the knobs. Any suggestions?