Design, Homestead, Interior, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Repurpose / Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

I always grew up in a house where everything was perfectly decorated most of the time. Things were clean and tidy when guests arrived and nothing was out of place. Thanks to my organized mother…I have a complex when it comes to having guests over. I get this crazy look in my eye when I know someone is on their way and I still have to dust the oven knobs, wipe down the TV, and lights 15 candles…like, I have a problem. The truth is though, I love having people over to the house and I just want them to feel comfortable and maybe even a little impressed when they walk in. We have worked so hard on this home that I don’t want people to walk in and notice the shoes all over the floor or the smell trashcan first. This house deserves more than that.

Because we had guests over this past weekend, everything is still somewhat in order and clean so I figured I’d snap some pictures to commemorate this rare occasion.

Also, I clearly need a new camera to take blog pictures with, suggestions are welcome.

IMG_2743 (1)
Guest bedroom wall. I literally just threw random items on the wall to make it look interesting.
IMG_2754 (1)
Dining room wall. If you follow our posts on instagram you have probably seen this before. I found the prettiest pallet out of our stash and we screwed to the wall as a shelf. I’m just now realizing a platter is missing in the bottom right…I refuse to retake this picture though, sorry folks.


IMG_2755 (1)
Dining room corner. This bookcase is not my friend. It’s not as tall as I would like and I’m begging Evan to put it in his office once he gets one. But, decorating it is always a little fun.
IMG_2757 (1)
Dining room/backdoor entry. This gold and wood cart is from Target. It speaks my decor love language. I need to change out the faux wood sticks in the planter to something a little more springy.
IMG_2759 (1)
Kitchen counter (for now). My mom gave me this adorable owl platter/plate awhile back, but it was a dark mustard yellow. I primed and painted it white because ALL WHITE ERRTHANG. Also, here is another plant I’m trying to convince to not die on me…
IMG_2760 (1)
I added the triangle shape to the pot with spray paint and used white paint to make the intentional “drips” on the side. Shout out to Tally for the cutest candle in the world, I will cry actual tears when there is no more wax left.

IMG_2761 (1)

IMG_2762 (1)
This picture is blurry -_-. Living room corner. My dad recently gave me this beautifully colored wooden ladder for me to hang my blankets on (I think Mom was a little jelly, she didn’t know Dad has this little gem).
IMG_2763 (1)
Living room/entry wall. Ever since the Christmas decorations went down, I replaced my garland wreath with this homemade magnolia leaf wreath. As it gets older the leaves get more yellow and brown, but I think I love it more as it ages.
IMG_2764 (1)
Master bedroom. The ribbons above the bed are actually a backdrop that I made for our wedding. I loved the different textures and neutral color so much that I made it a focal point in our bedroom. The bedding a mix between Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.
IMG_2766 (1)
Does it match or doesn’t it?

One of these days I dream of giving you guys a full home tour. But, until then, enjoy my random decoration posts and carry-ons.