Bathroom #DemoDay

Construct, Homestead, Interior, Vlog / Monday, June 13th, 2016

If you don’t follow us on instagram or on our Facebook page OR didn’t read THIS blog post, then you are probably confused and didn’t see this coming. I’m going to assume you saw all of that though and are up to date on everything. If not, start clicking on those links to get caught up!

Evan just couldn’t contain his excitement to knock down the walls of the hall closet any longer so I gave him the go ahead to start hacking away at it. I think his excitement dwindled almost immediately. The tile on the wall was a lot more difficult than he planned, but he got it all down in a matter of hours. Now our bathroom has not one, not two, but three doors that we have the option of walking through. I’m telling y’all, we are living the high life here.

So here is a before that I posted on a previous post.

Outlining where the new (and ONLY) door will be. 

Check out the video for the after shot and so see my laughable demo “skills”.


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