Design, Homestead, Interior / Monday, June 27th, 2016

I’ve been a bit scatterbrained lately. I start things, never having the intention of completing them. I leave the remnants of those projects scattered all over the place for days at a time, only cleaning them up when I know guests are coming over. I guess summer has really hit me and my lack of motivation just signifies my want for relaxation and peace. Yes, I would really love to get a ton of projects done right now since I have the time to do so, but I’d also like to enjoy what is left of my short, short summer. I haven’t had a summer in the past couple years that didn’t revolve around extreme changes in my life. I was always moving to a different town or city, or I was quitting a job, or getting a new job…or doing all those things at one time. It was exhausting and I feel like I haven’t had a summer for peace.

Don’t you worry, I’m keeping busy on the day to day. Once I receive the hardware for the armoire, I will finish the video and show you the awesome transformation.

I’m trying to simplify and minimize my decorations and “things” around the house. I’m wondering why I have so much junk. I recently pulled out all of my left over decorations from the closet and picked out what I thought could never be used again with the style that I’m striving for. I’m selling some things and just donating others, but the main idea is that it has to go. I see these beautiful houses as I’m scrolling through pinterest and I’ve realized that I absolutely love the simple look. I don’t want cluttered bookshelves or walls. I want pictures of the people that mean the most to us and of fun times together. I want mementos and plants (if I could keep them alive) and fabrics and unique pieces. I don’t want stuff there just because it needs a place to go. I love having a story for things in my house and I think everything that is out in the open should hold a special place in your heart. If not, what’s the point?