Diploma Frame Makeover

Design, Homestead, office / Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Finally, a project that has almost nothing to do with the house itself.

Evan and I have yet to put our degrees in frames. It’s one of those things that I really believe should be free for college graduates. I mean, who can pay upwards of $200 just for a frame and matting of your degree? Especially as a new grad? That’s insane! BUT, I am glad it isn’t free and I haven’t already had it done because I would be missing out on this awesome frame and mat that I created today.

My parents used to run a business that sold college degree frames that were already matted and even included a fun sketch of the given college or university. They let that business die off, but my dad kept a few frames stowed away.


As you can see, they are pretty traditional frames. And I didn’t like them. The red stain, the purple mat…no, just no. They were hinged together so I took them apart and removed all the (probably expensive) matting.



I decided to go with a white frame and a wood interior “mat” made from leftover bead board I found in Evan’s scrap wood pile. I painted a white framed inch on the inside of the “mat”, that put a little more of a difference in the natural wood color and my diploma’s color.

To say I love the way it turned out would be an understatement. I have only finished mine so far because Evan can’t seem to locate his diplomas…yeah, I will keep you updated on that issue. He wants a black frame and hasn’t specified the mat color or material, any ideas?


Picture Outtakes: My dog has to align the frame of the picture anytime she sees the camera…

Good thing she is cute.