Purchasing the House and the “Next” Project

bathroom, Construct, Design, exterior, Homestead, Interior / Monday, September 26th, 2016

Some of you may not know the full story of how we ended up in this house. You can check out my first post on the house here. Since then we have changed quite a bit and made it our home. We have been paying rent on it, but we wanted so badly for it to be legally ours. The past two months we finally got the ball rolling on getting a contract drawn up and a couple weeks ago we (along with the sellers, our Mom and Aunt) signed the paperwork and made it official: it’s OURS. We love the story of this house and all the memories it holds and the memories that have yet to be made in it. The fact that our children will most likely grow up in this house is an exciting and emotional journey. We are blessed.

Now, on to the not so feel-good part…

We have been so busy with the house, yet to our eyes, things are moving so slowly. Sometimes we just have to take a step back and realize that things are falling into place just as they are meant to be and at a pace that is perfect for us. We have been focusing on outside projects lately. This is in part due to unforeseen problems that arose. You know on remodel shows on HGTV there is always something that “goes wrong” and the builder has to call the clients and ask them for more money because of it? We have been guilty of making fun of those parts because it seems so fake, but y’all it is so, so real. Like so real, that it makes me want to cry. Things come up so often that you might as well expect to pay and work twice much as you were originally planning. Like with any fixer-upper or home remodel, there are always things that come up that take precedence over the things that you actually want done NOW.

So we want to start demolishing the bathroom and laundry room. That was first on our list to actually renovate. In case you missed it, as of right now we haven’t technically renovated anything. We have simply thrown some paint on the walls and cabinets and pushed it aside until we have the funds to really start tearing things apart and updating them. Once we finally got to the point where we thought we could start the bathroom demo, we started having some major issues with the fence around the house. This fence kept the cows out of our yard and off the busy, main road that we live on. We do not own these lovely creatures, they belong to a farmer that rents the property surrounding our home. The fence has been on the struggle bus for years now. It has been patched and patched until it was basically unpatchable. We were (and still are) having to park the tractor in holes in the fence so the cows wouldn’t escape. I like to call this “redneck patchwork”. This fence was also a huge eye sore, so it wasn’t helping the look of the house. Instead of starting the bathroom, we figured our smartest move would be to replace the fence as soon as possible. That would save us all the work of saving cows from the road (almost everyday), it would be a positive asset to the appearance of the house, and it would expand our yard. The fence that is in the backyard is being pushed back about 20 feet to increase our yard size tremendously. As of yesterday, the fence is about halfway complete. It is taking awhile because Evan is doing all of it himself. Sometimes his abilities just amaze me. After this weekend and helping him out a bit, I’d say I’m pretty educated on fence building as well, so he has definitely taught me a thing or two.

Within the next week or so, Evan would like to complete the fence and start moving to the inside of the house. We will then tackle the bathroom project. But before that, we need to get a propane tank since we want gas appliances and we want our water heater to run on gas. We also need to update the gas hook-ups in the house and add them to certain places. We also need a NEW hot water heater, preferably tankless and placed outside.

So technically, the bathroom remodel isn’t exactly “next” on the list. -_-