New Year, New Couch

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Umm…it’s cold outside.

This year is going to come with lots of changes to the house and to our life in general. We are excited for this new season and can’t wait to see what the future holds for the renovations and with our respective work lives. We decided that with this new year, we should definitely get a new couch. This wasn’t exactly our highest need, but we decided on certain gifts for ourselves for Christmas and my gift was a new couch. EEK! Excitement overload.

We have been watching our nightly Netflix on this brown couch that was bought from Big Lots about two years ago. It held up just fine for a Big Lots purchase. Since it was our only form of seating for those two years, it was definitely worn in and for some, that means that it’s perfect. For others, like me, it just looked sad. At this point, I have been updating our furniture one piece at a time and I had just received a new rug for Christmas also, thanks Mom and Dad! So with this beautiful new rug, the couch just wasn’t working with the way that I wanted everything to look.

I had in mind a plain, but still modern tobacco colored leather couch. I found it on West Elm and was thrilled when Evan gave it the OK. Only thing, was that it was never on sale. Usually I’d be okay with this, but I wasn’t very comfortable spending that amount on a couch that I’d never sat on. What if it’s awful? Then I have to send a COUCH back. Nope. I couldn’t do it.

We went shopping at Star Furniture and I just about lost my mind in the store. I was overwhelmed and a bit disappointed at their selection. I made my way to a large local furniture store and as soon as I walked in, I saw it. The dream couch. It’s like the angels came down and sang hallelujah and light beams shot out from the cushions. Right as I was about to hug my beautiful new couch, the tag caught my eye. 50% OFF! YES! of $5,999…?

Uh. wut.

Yes, the couch was $5,999 WITH the 50% discount. Definitely not in our budget. I moved on while wiping a single tear away.

After some debating and bringing Evan to help make the decision we decided on this beautiful creature.


No it’s not leather or the style that I wanted at all, but it’s perfect. It’s comfortable and it’s not $5,999. Which is amazing. Since we saved on the couch, we also bought the ottoman to match it and I’m so glad we did. We paid for commercial grade scotch guard protection and I’m hoping that will help with stains since it is a lighter color than I planned.


It’s much larger than our other couch and it makes all the difference in the world not having to fall onto the couch, hoping it will hold up and catch you. It’s solid and I feel comfortable changing the style up around the house without having to buy another couch. It’s versatile and just perfect. I’m never a fan of the pillows that come with couches, but I actually love these. Evan has been wanting to add some Southwest flair to the house and I think we can start by going off the pillows. They have a hint of blue that matches the new rug perfectly. I don’t think we could have chosen a better duo.


The ottoman is exactly what I had in mind. I wanted a otto-coffee table and this baby is large enough to be both. I have the serving tray (it’s actually a cutting board) as a solid foundation for drinks at the moment, but Evan wants to build some trays that hug the sides of the ottoman and can be moved. We will get to that once he can make them.


So basically this is our new baby and I couldn’t be happier with how it all worked it. Next up, bathroom…still. Stay tuned.

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