Bathroom Plans

Construct, Design, Homestead, Interior / Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Once again, we have fallen off the face of the earth and then returned.

As most of you know, we are in the middle of our bathroom remodel. Since we are doing this all by hand and both of us are working full time, it’s an extremely slow process. What should take a full day’s work usually takes a week to complete. We love being able to say that we have done this all alone, but it requires a lot of patience and open-mindedness. Both of which, we sometimes struggle with.

Since we are moving everything that requires plumbing, this has been the longest stretch so far. But, it’s over. YES, IT’S DONE. We were out of our house for almost three weeks due to Evan’s lack of time to work on the plumbing. We didn’t have toilets, therefore, we couldn’t stay at the house. I’m sure Evan would have been perfectly fine doing his business outside or in a 5 gallon bucket, but I can only handle so much. So we moved ourselves and our pup over to my mother-in-laws place. Thankfully, she has plenty of room and didn’t mind us crashing there. Plus, it was closer to work for both of us.

We now have a toilet and, as of this weekend, the tub is in place, the new window is installed, and a few pieces of drywall even made their way to the walls. Things are coming together quicker now and we are so excited for this next phase. I like to say it’s the “Fun Phase” because it will start to look more like a bathroom with each passing day. When you can actually see the progress is when it gets exciting. We still have wires hanging down in the middle of the room and studs everywhere, but it’s getting there.

I don’t have any pictures of the bathroom right now (they wouldn’t be pretty anyway), but I can show you what we have bought so far and our plans for the aesthetics.


All pictures that I found, the lights look pink, but they are a shiny copper. I’m going with copper, natural wood tones, grays, and white.

We will have built in shelving much like the picture above. We will also have a large linen cabinet behind our door that will be storage for extra sheets, blankets, and of course anything for the bathroom. We don’t have a hall closet or extra storage in the house so we thought this would be a good solution.

Evan worked all day at the house and I’m anxious to see what he got done. He promised that my washer would be reinstalled so fingers crossed!