Bathroom Update: Part 398

bathroom, Construct, Design, DIY, Homestead, Interior / Sunday, March 19th, 2017

There are changes coming into our lives at all directions it seems and we couldn’t be more anxious or excited to see how things play out. Since we will be experiencing new beginnings and chapters, I want to relay that information onto the blog. I know this has mostly been a forum for our DIY fails and successes and home renovations, but I want to share more. I want it to be more open and free. I originally had this idea when we first started the blog. Evan wasn’t on board because he is a pretty private person, as am I. I am not a sharer or even one to make much small talk…unless I’m talking with my Mom. She can’t shut me up most of the time. But, I think it’s time for something different.

I’d like to have the blog half and half. 50% DIY, home renovations, etc. and 50% lifestyle, family life, milestones, etc. This will expand my thoughts and even the audience of my blog, which is not my top priority, but it’s a plus. I want to utilize this as more of a keepsake journal more than anything. I physically write in a journal, but there is something about a blog that can be shared to show your families greatest successes and even failures.

This will be a big change and I’m excited to see how it all plays out.


Now, on to what you came here for. The bathroom!

These aren’t reveal pictures so don’t get too excited. As you can tell by the crookedness of the pictures, I was just in a hurry to take them. I will pay way more attention to our reveal pictures, I swear.

Here we have the current view of the bathtub. This pink goo is water seal…I can’t wait to see it covered up. Hot pink is not in my realm of favorites. Evan got the block window put in and now we just need our brick guy to come out and fix the outside of the house. It looks like the Kool-aid man came busting through and we just patched it up. We actually started tiling the back wall yesterday…which was a hell of a job. I don’t know why, but that tile job was way more tedious and frustrating than the vanity wall that you will see in a minute. Neither of us were happy campers.


This opening will be build-in open shelving for towels and rags. I think this is going to be so handy to have and look so great once it’s done.


This will be where our large cabinets will go. I’m so excited for this extra storage because Lord knows we need it. We have yet to purchase this and I’m thinking of just getting some tall stock cabinets from Lowe’s and painting them white. Thoughts?


Looking back at the door.


This side of the room is what I love most about this bathroom. We have our subway tile accent wall *swoon*. This will be accompanied with a homemade vanity compliments of my handy husband. It will be stained wood open shelving with a concrete top…omg, I can’t wait. We will have two mirrors and two copper lights above the mirrors.

My parents are coming to visit for a few days in mid-April so that’s our deadline to be done with the bathroom…will it happen? Stay tuned to find out.