Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

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I can’t believe I haven’t posted an update until now. But, here it is, better late than never. For those of you here for house updates, you may want to skip over this post entirely because this is all about our babe.


In case you missed it on Facebook or Instagram, we are having a girl! We are excited, scared, nervous, anxious, happy…all the emotions. 2017 seems to be the year of the girls in our world. Many of our friends and family are having girls so I suppose it is only fitting that God gave us one as well. As of right now, counting ours and two couples that we are close with, we will have FOUR girls in the same grade that are most likely attending the same school. Their daddies went to high school together and were in the same grade as well. It’s pretty special to see all these guys become first time fathers, especially to baby girls. It’s heart melting.

I have been feeling pretty good as of lately. I like to say that we have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy and I am so thankful. I was a little nauseated for a few weeks in the first trimester, but nothing that really knocked me off my feet. I just stuck to eating fruit for weeks on end and stayed away from the things that made me queasy like red meat… I’m still unsure about its taste unless it is in a burger or a steak that my Dad personally grilled. I could live off watermelon and about half the time, I do.

As for C, she is growing and progressing just fine. Nothing to be concerned about right now and at our last appointment she was measuring heavier than average. If she is anything like I was, she might come out pretty chunky. She is strong and active and lets me know she is doing just fine throughout the day. Evan felt her movements for the first time at 18 weeks and according to my doctor that’s pretty early.


Physically, I’m definitely growing and things are getting a bit more difficult. Like putting on my shoes. I told Evan that it won’t be long before I will need some assistance. It’s not that my belly is in the way, I just can’t bend like that anymore for some reason. I have a little bit of fatigue on some days, usually during the week and especially after lunch. I’ve never been a napper, but I’ve had my fair share lately when I get a chance. My only complaints are muscle tension in my back and my inability to flip over in bed without feeling round ligament pain shooting through my belly. Gaining weight has added pressure to my back muscles so standing or being active for too long during the day makes me almost unable to walk at night or the next morning. To ease this, I try to stretch every night and do as much yoga as I can. I am keeping up with exercising at least 4-5 times a week, even if some days it’s just a walk with Wyatt.

I have been decent with my nutrition and getting better the farther along I am. I don’t deprive myself though, simply because my self-control isn’t that strong. If a cupcake is being handed to me, there is a 95% chance that I will eat it as soon as humanly possible. I am not letting my pregnancy be an excuse to “eat for two”. I don’t believe that, nor do I think that you should let your nutrition go out the door once you get pregnant. But, that’s completely up to the mother, believe me, I am the last person to tell you what to do.

That’s another thing… the advice that comes with having a growing belly. From your loved ones to strangers at the store, it doesn’t matter, you will hear it all. So far, I’ve heard concern over the bag of dog food that I’m wheeling out of the grocery store, concern over the cup of coffee I’m having, concern over carrying an empty cardboard box across the room, concern over jogging or doing push-UPS, concern over the spicy food I’m eating, and concern over the amount of Vitamin C I’m getting. People are not shy when telling you their opinions and as much as I appreciate it, the only opinion I really care about is mine, my husbands, and my doctors. I’m sure the concerns and advice will keep adding up though and I’ll just smile and say, “Thanks!”

I have started to think about C’s nursery and I have the color scheme pretty much set. If you know me at all, you know that I’m not a theme person. I enjoy colors more than having a particular theme to stick to. Here are a couple things I have picked out or been given that are going to go well in her nursery once it is put together.

**The lighting is awful in C’s bedroom so the coral looks awfully orange…believe me. It is not.


I bought this pillow at Target for inspiration and my aunt in Florida made this blanket for our babe. It just so happened that the colors couldn’t be more perfect.


Another funny instance, I bought two of these pendant lights at Ross a couple months ago  to go somewhere in the nursery. My mom came into town last week and brought me this metal candle sconce…in the exact same copper as my pendant lights. I hadn’t even told her about them!


This quilt was made for my mother by her grandmother. The coral and mint green again, go perfectly. This will be more on display than anything since it is old and fragile.

White, corals, baby mint green/blue, neutrals, cactuses (because SO CUTE!), copper accents, Aztec prints, and natural textures are some of my ideas. This could all change tomorrow 🙂



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  1. You are an inspirational writer so I enjoy the baby updates and the house updates. The nursery will be beautiful and I agree with you about all the “advice” you receive in pregnancies….. thank you and walk away.

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