Are we there yet?

Design, Homestead, Interior / Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

That’s our thoughts through these last few To-Do List items for this dang bathroom.

I will not be sharing any new pictures of the bathroom until we have it completed. I want to have a little bit of mystery to it…but who am I kidding? It’s been about 6 MONTHS of mystery.

In our original plan, Evan was going to build the cabinets that will go behind the entrance door as well as the open wooden vanity including the concrete counter-top. We had it all decided and planned, until Evan hit a roadblock. He had a hiccup with the vanity…I don’t know the details of it, but all I know is that he came inside from working on it and said, “We’re buying a vanity. I’m done.” He had a rough couple days with the floor tile before this and I think this was his breaking point, and I don’t blame him at all. Considering how much we lose when he isn’t working his business, we can afford to buy a nice vanity that isn’t going to make him want to boil over with frustration. Even better, our pastor is a handyman and he offered to build the behind-the-door cabinets. Heaven just opened up. I’m so happy we are nearing the end of this project. It has been quite the learning experience and if remodeling was our job, we would be much happier. In reality, this was added on to our already very busy lives and it was a headache to finish. Now we wait for the vanity to come in, our pastor to do the cabinets, and I can start buying towel holders and all the small (fun) necessities for the bathroom. Here are some things I have already purchased along with items that we want to make/buy to bring it all together:

shower curtain

Threshold shower curtain from target

towel ring

Hand towel rings from Lowe’s. Although I ADORE these…

hand towel rings

They might be a little too modern for Evan though…we will see what he thinks.


Vanity with marble top, sinks, and mirror. I don’t love the mirror that came with it, but I will never deny a good mirror. Any suggestions for the frame? It’s white wood. Since it will be on a subway tile wall, I’m thinking I need more texture or natural color.

shower plant

I will be getting a shower plant or two to hang from the ceiling in the corner of our shower. That would be the only place in the bathroom that a plant would survive since it is right next to a window.

thin frame

I want to either find a copper frame like the one above OR find a cheap one and spray paint it. I will put a picture in it that I have personally taken. Evan suggested a cow like the one below. This picture will be large and go above the toilet.


towel holder

Since we don’t have a lot of wall space, I’m thinking some DIY towel pegs like these ^^ will be perfect.