Kitchen Remodel: Demo Pictures

Design, Homestead, Interior, Kitchen / Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

I feel like a chicken with its head cut off. A 29 week pregnant chicken… if that existed.

Part of me (like 75% of me) thinks that we have absolutely lost our marbles by starting a kitchen renovation 12 weeks before my due date. I am so so so excited to get our new kitchen, but the stress that comes with it isn’t easy to keep away. Our kitchen is in the center of our home. They are taking a wall out in between our living room and kitchen and part of a wall between the dining room and kitchen. Therefore, everything in those three rooms had to be cleaned out and/or protected from flying debris, dust, and whatever else it might be exposed to in the demo process. Since construction will be going on, we will not be staying at our house. Funny thing is that the same day they were set to start demo, was the same day our vanity was scheduled to arrive for the bathroom… those workers are going to get to enjoy our newly renovated bathroom before we get to. You’re welcome, guys.

Most people know that we are remodeling our kitchen, but I don’t think they fully understand that we planned on completely gutting it. Even when we tell people that we gutted everything they are still like, “Oh, so new counter tops and appliances and such?” YES. NEW EVERYTHING. Much like the bathroom, nothing will be in its original spot. Some people think that all the work we did two years ago was a waste. But, we don’t think twice about it. The house was a wreck when we moved in. It needed major renovations from the very beginning, but that wasn’t in the cards for us at the time. So we fixed it with some paint and new hardware until we were ready. We made it livable and loved the transition period. But now, things are different and we are more than ready to show off our design side and let other people handle the labor.

So far, here are the before and during pictures. Believe it or not, the pictures that are side by side are of the same perspective. If you use your imagination and try to visualize it, you might see it. Believe me, even living in this house for two years it takes me a second to figure out what view is which when looking at the demo-ed pictures.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

All of the boxes in the dining room are our new cabinets. I am anxiously awaiting their reveal. The pile of what looks like bags in the living room, is all of our furniture stacked on top of itself 🙁


C’s nursery is no where near completion. The sheet rock still needs to be torn down and replaced and I’m just praying I can get in there sometime in July to get the decorating knocked out. It’s funny because I would see couples that wouldn’t start on their nursery until about 4 weeks before the due date and I would think they were absolutely insane for waiting so long…we are now those people and I’m a little uneasy about it. I just keep telling myself, “It will get done.” Anyone want to help demo some sheet rock? No, but really.


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