FINAL Kitchen Reveal

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Here we are…finally. As most of you know, we have had a crazy few months. From rushing to getting the kitchen/house back in order before the baby arrived in August to actually having the baby and jumping into parenthood. We wouldn’t trade this wild ride for anything and as much as we curse the projects at the time, we can’t wait to jump into the next one after we get a decent amount of rest.

The kitchen reveal is finally here. These pictures were taken after I put up some Christmas decorations so look past that if you must.

Before scrolling, review a few other blog posts to see what this space looked like before and during renovation.

As you can see, we increased the square footage of the kitchen significantly and utilized all the space that was there before, but wasn’t being used. Everything was moved around; refrigerator, sink, oven, dishwasher, EVERYTHING.

View from the living room/ entry

I really wanted a space for most of my small appliances so it’s not spread out all over the kitchen taking up useful counter space. This is the best we could do with the space that we had, but I think it’s perfect. From the front entry, it’s not a space that your eye immediately goes to, which is what I wanted. The cabinets below the toaster oven have the rest of our small appliances like our griddle, blender, juicer, etc. Since I don’t use those daily, I’m glad I am able to have a space to store it out of the way.

View from the dining area

This shows a good view of the range hood that my husband built and I stained. It’s not what I envisioned (I let Evan design it), but it’s different and definitely makes a statement. I love the way it turned out.



Don’t mind the dirty sink, I swear it’s clean most of the time. Okay, 50% of the time.


Our gorgeous 24″ apron front sink is everything that I wanted. Just a reminder, stick to your guns if it’s something that you want. The woman at Home Depot that was helping design our cabinets tried her very best to talk me out of a single basin 24″ sink. “That’s way too small! You won’t have room to wash anything! Nothing will fit!”

Let me just tell you, it’s perfect. I gave my baby baths in it before she got too long to lay down in it diagonally and it fits any dishes, pots, and pans that I need cleaned. It helps because it is also really deep. So HA! to you Home Depot Lady.


Evan HAD to have a copper bottle opener next to the trashcan even though we aren’t huge beer drinkers, but I must say that it’s the prettiest bottle opener I ever did see.


We bought these perfect stools for the bar and the seats are adjustable in height. They go great and add a fun wood accent to the kitchen. This side of the bar is painted a navy blue. Again, another “Evan idea” that turned out beautifully.


Here is a close up of our floor. We considered doing concrete floor or slate tile. Here is our middle man. This tile was perfect. It has the concrete look and slate feel, yet isn’t near as expensive as real slate. It is also a dark gray color throughout the tile so if it were to chip or crack, it won’t be near as obvious as it would if the body of the tile was white like most tiles are.


I will be posting a write up on where everything is from with links and prices within the links in a few days. If there is something that you really liked in the kitchen, let me to know to make sure I link everything for you! For those of you that have followed this blog and our renovations, thank you so much. We are back in business!


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