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I have linked all the direct sites for each item in our kitchen unless its the flooring, cabinets, countertops, or windows. In those cases, I just linked where they were from since we ordered them in store or they are local places that don’t have online ordering. There are more pictures in my previous blog post: HERE. Check that out first in case you missed it. I hope this helps and possibly helps with your next kitchen renovation. If there is something that I happened to miss, let me know and I can update it!

Floors and quartz countertops- Michelle’s Flooring and Design in Edna

  • Let me tell you, the floors are great for what we wanted. Concrete look, slate feel, and will mask chips and cracks if they were to happen.
  • The white and gray quartz countertops are the number one thing that most people comment on when they come in the door. They aren’t too shiny, therefore don’t show every single fingerprint. But, I wanted light countertops because I like to see when my counter is dirty so it can get cleaned quickly.



Cabinets- Home Depot

  • Our cabinets and drawers are solid wood. There are cheaper versions of these cabinets, but since we want these to last as long as possible, we went with the best quality we could.

Pulls- Home Depot

  • Pulls and knobs are excellent quality and heavy duty. They are a dark aged bronze. Basically black.


Windows- Ideal Aluminum, Ideal Aluminum

  • We couldn’t be happier with the picture windows that we got for the kitchen. They can not be opened, but that’s not an issue for us.



Sconce lights- Wayfair

  • These lights weren’t meant to be installed sideways like this, but we like to do things a little different around here…you know, live life on the edge.


Range- Amazon

Sink- Wayfair

  • The cool thing about this sink is that you can either use this side, or the flat side. So essentially you have a two-in-one.


Faucet- Amazon

  • Y’all. This faucet. I can’t give enough rave reviews about this thing. It has two different sprays and I use the pull-down feature daily to clean out the sink basin.

Filtered Water Faucet- Amazon

  • I ordered this faucet and the main faucet at the same time, hoping to insure that they looked enough alike to give off the vibe that they are the same brand. I found the main faucet first and fell in love. When I went to find a filtered water faucet to match, that brand didn’t carry one. Amazon does it again with it’s amazing “Customers who bought this item also bought…” feature.


Appliances- besides the microwave

  • Oven: Home Depot
    • I stole this oven from Jenna Sue. THIS is the post that made me fall in love with the oven. You’ll notice we like the same sconces as well.
  • Refrigerator: Home Depot
    • This fridge is skinnier than the typical fridge. We were nervous that the others wouldn’t fit, but looking at it now it probably would. But, never the less, I LOVE THIS REFRIGERATOR.
  • Dishwasher: Home Depot

Water filter system- Amazon

Bar stools: Amazon



Copper bottle opener: Amazon



In case you didn’t catch all that, most of the things that we ordered were from Amazon. We are 100% amazon prime addicts and truly believe in the magic of the amazon world.


**this post contain affiliate links**

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