Kitchen: Before and After Photos

Construct, Design, Homestead, Interior, Kitchen / Monday, December 4th, 2017

Some of you have been with us since the very beginning, but others have only seen what I have posted about our house within the past year or so. Just as a refresher, here are the true before and after shots of the house from when we first started working on it. Remember, when we first started this job, we only had the funds to paint everything and do renovations later. Some of the before pictures aren’t TRUE before paint because I just simply forgot to get all the angles of the kitchen. Probably because it stunk so bad I did whatever I could to get out ASAP…

I will try to explain the transformations as best as I can. Since we took out walls, rearranged doors, and found new homes for all the appliances, it’s hard to see that it’s the same area of the house. In this picture, we had already started construction in the kitchen and so I snapped a picture before this wall came down. This isn’t the true before, I didn’t get a shot of that before we painted.




The only element that is the same in these two pictures is the fact that there is still a corner there. That’s about it. I still am having flashbacks to the smell of this kitchen when we first walked in…horrid.

before 2

before 4


Same goes for this before/after shot. It’s the same corner. So the refrigerator is where all these cabinets used to be…and the empty bottle of Titos that the last tenant so generously left for us.

before 3


This isn’t the true before and after either since I failed to get that before we moved in. But, this wall was removed completely. So now you walk straight in to the kitchen.



This is the kitchen side of the wall that was completely torn down. Now, it looks straight out into the living room over the island.

before 5


This is the last post about the kitchen as a whole. It’s so great to say that because that means it is DONE! Now, on to the next project.