Nursery: Final Reveal

Design, DIY, guest bedroom, Nursery, Review / Monday, December 18th, 2017

If you noticed our Instagram post a few days ago, Saturday started out with this exchange…
Me: “I think I’m going to finish Clara’s room today.” (the nursery)
Evan: “Why would you do a thing like that?”

We are notoriously starting projects, or in this case, room renovations and getting so close to being done, but never actually putting those finishing touches on it. For example, our bathroom that I love and adore is still missing the shelving by the bathtub where our towels are supposed to be placed. Also, the quarter-round just got installed a few weeks ago, but I haven’t gotten around to caulking and painting it yet. It’s just slow around here.

So Clara’s nursery was pretty much done once she made her way into the world in August. Of course, she hasn’t spent much time in there since she still is sleeping in our room. Her room was once the guest bedroom until my parents decided to take back their bed that was in there to set up at their bay home. We were planning on getting ourselves a new bed and mattress soon anyway so we were going to just move our old bed into the guest/nursery room. We have had a few guests since Clara was born and, bless their hearts, we had to set them up on an air mattress or the couch >_<

We bought the new mattress, moved the old one, and then that was it. The wall hangings were still in their place while everything else was moved around. If I didn’t decide to write a blog post about her room, it would still forever be in disarray.

Let’s start from the very beginning. When we first moved into the house 2 years ago, her room looked like this:

**queue slasher music**

About 6 weeks before Clara was born it looked like this:

And currently it looks like this:

Whew…aren’t you glad we didn’t keep those awful original window treatments?!

jk, those were actual trashbags.

The crib, along with the pillow and sheet is from Target.

This pillow was my first purchase for her nursery. The day we found out we were having a girl I went to Target and looked around the baby clothes, wanting to purchase her first outfit. I was so emotional about having a girl (a good emotional, FYI) that I just couldn’t keep it together enough to buy her an outfit. It was ridiculous. To make myself calm down, I went to the home dΓ©cor aisle and found this sweet pillow. It was perfect.

We received so many sweet blankets for her from so many people. Almost all of them are from very important people in her life, or have a special story behind them. Some are handmade and other are just store bought, but somehow they all perfectly go together. I made this hanging blanket ladder out of twine and copper piping from Home Depot.

I clearly wasn’t caring if my frames were straight before snapping these photos…

I wanted to incorporate Evan and I in her room somewhere so I added a picture of us when we were just dating, a picture of me pregnant with her, and one of her first pictures of her sweet little face just days after she was born in these frames. The cactus watercolor is from my mom from Hobby Lobby and the dreamcatcher is from some of my best friends that threw her the most perfect shower before she was born. Many things in her room are from that baby shower. Without her amazing aunties, she wouldn’t have all this cute stuff πŸ™‚

A group of friends gave us this perfect rocker that I just adore. It’s great in her room and it’s solid wood so it isn’t going anywhere. And for not having a cushion, it’s actually really comfortable. The blanket was handmade by my aunt. The letter board is from Hobby Lobby and is incorrect because CB is 4 months today and she no longer is sleeping through the night…yay.

I intended for Clara to sleep in this moses basket in our room, but after a few nights we realized it wasn’t for her so we moved to an etsy made dock-a-tot. I still love this basket though and think it’s so cute for her books and toys. The large area rug is a light oatmeal color and it is from Ross.

Target dollar aisle battery powered star lights. Can’t go wrong there.

This is an old desk I already had and intend to put a changing pad on it, but I haven’t made that move yet. Honestly we just change her right on top of it on a plastic changer, but she is getting to the point of wanting to roll over so it’s not safe anymore. The lace tee-pee was made by another friend of mine and aunt of Clara’s. I can’t wait until she can play in it and enjoy it. We had it set up for awhile, but Wyatt loved it so much she would dive inside and knock it over all the time. Her hamper basket is another gift from Target.

Her name banner is from a good friend of ours and it hung outside our hospital room door when she was born. I wanted something really different and I absolutely LOVE it. The pendent lights are from ROSS. Yes, Ross. They even came with the Edison lights. Ugh, so cute.

The bed is an antique and what we had in our room before we bought a new mattress. I have the pillows to the side because I plan on buying more and making it like a large day bed since it needs to be up against the wall.

I had to give it a little Christmas cheer with a sweet little tree from Walmart. The side table is metal(!) and again from Ross.

Cute pictures are, again, from friends from our baby shower. Side note: my friends 100% understood my vision for this nursery, probably even better than I could explain to them.

I can’t remember where the pillows are from…probably Target or Ross.

The closet is not organized so that’s why it is closed. We will leave that a mystery for now.

If you made it this far, you know that her nursery was done on a budget. Since we completely tore down this room before decorating, that was where most of our budget went. Everything was new; sheet rock, trim, can lights, fan, and we even widened the closet opening as you might be able to see if you look close enough at the floor in the picture above. Many of the items in her room were given as gifts from our amazing family and friends. The things I actually bought were from Target, Ross, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon.

…and then this one. You cant buy this face in a store, sorry to disappoint πŸ™‚



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  1. What a beautiful before and after. I love how clean and modern the nursery looks. Clara is going to love it! I know I do.

    I especially love the pendant lights. I think I have to make a trip over to Ross to put them in my room πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! That’s exactly what I was going for, CLEAN. Probably because the rest of the house tends to be in shambles 90% of the time πŸ˜€

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