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Baby, Family / Saturday, January 6th, 2018

I’m a yearly resolution person. Sometimes I write them down, sometimes I don’t, but I always have them in the back of my mind throughout the year. Do I always fulfill those particular resolutions? 9 times out of 10, no. But, I do try to get to some of them or fulfill them partially. Evan is a different kind of human. He is the “set attainable goals throughout the year” type. He loves a good challenge, but finds it hard to plan his year starting January 1st. As we sat on our couch on New Years Eve I asked him what his resolutions were and I shared mine. Throughout our discussion, I realized (with verbalizing it) we kind of have the same goals:

1. Presence
2. Health
3. Positivity

I mentioned that I wanted to be more present. I have found that my phone has been a huge distraction for me lately. When I’m with Clara it isn’t so bad, mostly because she required two hands now at all times. But, once I can put her down, I reach for my phone. I’m scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram, working on the blog, or just looking at mindless junk that doesn’t serve me in any way. I want to be present with her and with Evan and put that distraction away. Evan suggested putting our phones down from 7-10 at night. This has been huge for us. Usually when we sit down to watch our daily ritual of shows, we are also on our phones. Which causes us to not really even watch the show. How pointless is that?! Now, we are more engaged in the show and with each other. We talk more during it and LAUGH more! Now, I’d like to get to where we watch TV less as well, but baby steps are key. We really don’t want to miss important things like this:

That was her first giggle, by the way. We also decided that when we wake up in the morning we need to actually spend time together talking. We have been good about having our coffee together in bed, but some days we are having our coffee + reading our phones…therefore, not at all interacting with one another. The last thing I want in our marriage is to be the couple at the restaurant that spends an hour eating their chips and salsa, sipping their margaritas, and separately watching their phones (can you tell I really want Mexican food?).

That brings me to my second resolution: health. I have focused on my health off and on since I got out of college. I found a program and fitness community that I loved and worked for me and I’ve stuck to it ever since. Exercise and eating balanced helped me through my pregnancy and definitely helped me bounce back. Although, after Clara was born, I stopped caring what I ate and when. I didn’t gain weight because of this, but I just didn’t feel GOOD and nourished. We decided to do a 5 day detox starting the 1st and we finished it yesterday. It was kind of a kick start to getting us back on track with our nutrition. Was it fun? Um, it was a detox, so absolutely not. But we finished and it helped to get our minds back in the game so to speak. I have many other fitness and health goals like getting more into yoga, getting my handstand solid, running a 5k without wanting to just die (I hate running), and just all around feeling good about myself. Evan isn’t too far away with his desires, except he is about as flexible as a 2×4 so I’m sure he would just be happy to touch his toes.

Last, but not least on the resolutions list is positivity. I think this speaks for itself. I just want to face our trials throughout the year with a positive outlook, no matter how gloomy they might be. It’s unrealistic to not be prepared for obstacles that come your way or to think they “won’t happen to you”. We have both been struck with hurt in our lives that no one can prepare you for. But, that hurt in itself taught us to be aware for the next obstacle no matter how big or small. Whether it’s losing a loved one or just wondering how you will make your next student loan payment (hi, that’s me), a struggle is a struggle. Everyone’s got them. As a couple, Evan and I just want to remember that this is God’s world and we are just living in it. Every hurt or struggle is meant to grow us into more Godly individuals. That may be hard to remember at times, but it’s a necessary reminder and something that we hope to teach to our children.

To end this novel, we are just wanting to turn towards things that will better serve our family. Things that won’t turn us away from one another, but instead fix our eyes on God and our wellbeing. What are your resolutions for 2018? Do our goals look similar to yours?

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