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Baby, Family, Nursery, Review / Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

So I made a list of my must-have baby products that I bought or received as gifts for Clara last week. CLICK HERE to go to that post. This one is a little different though. I have gathered some of my non-essential , sentimental items that I just adore for our baby girl. –All items are linked– These are things like certain toys and clothes that I will cherish and/or pass down to our other children throughout the years. I’m so picky when it comes to Clara’s baby items for some silly reason. I just despise the looks of bright, primary colors and plain shapes. I noticed in this post by Erin Napier that I am not the only crazy person out there.

Handmade Toys

Clara received a couple different knitted stuffed toys and I just think they are the CUTEST. Plus they seem to have a personal touch to them. She received a Cuddle + Kind deer whose name is Willow and Clara cuddles with her in the mornings while I’m still waking up with my coffee (FUEL). For every ten dolls sold from Cuddle+Kind, they donate 10 meals to children in need. So needless to say, this doll is MUCH more than just a toy. She also got this sweet knitted princess that has a little rattle inside, so I stuck her on a paci clip so she stays close to Clara if she is playing with her. Which she does often.

We received this handmade wooden camera that is SO CUTE. The details and quality of this toy are just out of this world. THIS is the reason why I love small businesses so much. The love and attention that goes in to each product is immeasurable compared to something you would find in a large department store. This camera is from a company called Father’s Factory and I have had the opportunity to brag on them a little bit about their products. Clara is a little too small to appreciate it right now, but give her a few months and I think she is going to adore this just as much as I do. Plus, it is solid wood meaning it can be banged around and still last for years to come and can be passed down from baby to baby. This is something I will 100% put in my kids’ baby boxes because it’s just so sweet and special. NEWSFLASH: Use code KA15 for 15% off of your order from them! Order quick though, that offer is only good for 2 WEEKS!

**Side note: I only put this picture up because the chunky arm just had to be seen by the world. And the fact that she looks like she actually knows what she is doing.


“But the children love the books…” Name that movie.

But, really. I’ve been getting more in to reading to Clara and for Christmas she received a few books by Ainsley Earhardt. Be prepared, these books will make you cry as you read them. They are amazing and even though Clara is still really small, she becomes interested in the bright colored pages as I flip through them. #babywin. I really appreciate a good book that tells the child a story that includes them in the plot.  It’s not another “the cow goes moo” book. Click here to buy your own.

Handmade Accessories

Another fun category is handmade baby accessories. We received these precious baby scarves from Shop_AnnaMae, a small business on Instagram. Right now since my girl is drooling all over EVERYTHING, these scarves help absorb that. This allows me to just switch out her scarves instead of changing her clothes 3 times a day. Since it’s cold out, I don’t want her hanging out with a soaked onesie all day. I appreciate a functional clothing piece that is also stylish and can be worn around the house or to church or wherever. So, even though these are the CUTEST, they also hold a purpose. Plus, they are made by a sweet mother as well. Who doesn’t want to support that?!

Last but not least is my favorite “hat” to date. The ever popular baby turban made by Turbans for Tots. Can you even?! I love how snug this fits Clara’s head, but it’s also made of tshirt-like material so it will stretch as she grows. I’ve received so many compliments and questions about it when we are out and about. I like that it goes over her ears when it’s cold outside, but it’s lightweight enough when it’s warm. I’m thinking of getting a few more of these because she needs one in every color 🙂

What are some of your favorite heirloom baby items that you have received or want for your kiddos?

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