Special pieces around the house + Shop small

Design, DIY, Interior, Uncategorized / Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Since we remodeled the kitchen, I have slowly been going through everything in the house and getting rid of a lot of useless junk that we had lying around. Even things that I used to love as decorations a couple years ago, I really don’t like now, so I am purging anything that doesn’t serve this house well. I love pieces in the house that have a story or special meaning or were made by someone that we know. Even things that are created through small businesses are what I am aiming for to refresh this house. I like knowing they were made by hand and by someone that put a lot of time and effort into making it something special.

For example, these wooden chevron arrows. Evan made these a few years ago when we were living in San Antonio. They were a little side project he did to use up some extra wood that we had accumulated. If you have been following us on Instagram, you will see that I am trying to slowly replace our rustic décor with things that appear a little more bohemian and/or modern. So instead of chipped paint, I want things that are a solid color. But, I think I will always have a heart for raw wood so I don’t think these little guys are going anywhere anytime soon. Plus, they are special since they were made by my favorite human.

This was a gift to Evan and I when we got married and I love it’s symbolism. It’s a sturdy metal sign and right now it sits proudly in our dining room where everyone sees it that comes in our house. Again, gifts are timeless and I love being reminded of other people by the items in our home.

I came across this sign in my mother-in-law’s shop and as you can see, it had been there for years. Jack M. Anders was my husband’s grandfather and he owned this house years before Evan was even a thought. Evan’s father grew up in our home and so the house itself is an heirloom. We love being here and knowing that this house is staying in the family, and we would hope that we are making Evan’s grandparent’s proud by loving on the house so much.

So this sign sits on a top cabinet in our kitchen as a special, gentle reminder of where this house started out and who originally owned it.

Like I said, anything handmade has been a huge interest to me lately and I am constantly in awe of the amazing artists all over social media right now. I got this sweet tapestry from Caroline over at Wick and Fiber. An artist that allows you to customize your order and make it exactly how you want it, is a total winner in my book and she does just that. Not to mention, she sent a handwritten thank you card along with it. So amazing. I love being able to interact with the person that made something that I cherish in my home, therefore SHOP SMALL PEOPLE.


Just as an added bonus, here are a few small shops that I am really loving right now:

Wick and Fiber

Freckled Pottery 


Rae and Lily

Wildeflower Paper Co.

Father’s Factory + go HERE to see me talk about the sweet camera that we received from this shop

Hescott Design Co.

Really, if you need to buy a special gift for someone, consider shopping small businesses instead, it’s so much more satisfying knowing where your money is going and knowing that it benefits someone’s artwork.