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Hello and thank you for stopping by! 
My name is Katie and I am the face and force behind the New Haven Blog. I am from Southeast Texas, but home is a tiny town just south of Houston. I live here with my husband and pup and our new baby girl.

I have always loved designing and creating and I get my inspirations and ideas from my parents, both of whom are innovative and creative in their own unique ways. I was blessed to inherit those genes. My husband and I tend to joke about who has the most hobbies. I love to paint, draw, write (calligraphy), organize, go jogging (because lets be honest, who loves RUNNING?), yoga, and do anything that involves soaking up the sun. My husband is your typical All-American country boy. He loves to hunt, fish, and piddle around the house as much as he possibly can. He can do anything from rewiring old light fixtures to plumbing a bathroom to tiling a shower to tying a fishing fly to building a fence to….okay, you get it–there isn’t anything he can’t do 🙂

We started this blog in January of 2015 in hopes of documenting our hobbies and DIY adventures that we were involved in. We were living in San Antonio and hating our jobs and would do anything to distract ourselves from the day-to-day work we were enduring. After the creation of the blog, we got engaged, quit our jobs, moved into a fixer upper house, started new jobs (that we were much happier at), got married, acquired a dog, and had a baby. We couldn’t be more blessed. This blog started as a DIY craft blog and is now turning more into an all around story of us through our home.

I hope you have enjoyed what we have created so far and will continue to come along with us on this journey.

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