New Year, New Couch

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“…as I walked in, I saw it. The dream couch. It’s like the angels came down and sang hallelujah and light beams shot out from the cushions. Right as I was about to hug my beautiful new couch, the tag caught my eye. 50% OFF!…”

January 7, 2017

Weekend Workin’

bathroom, Design, dining room, Homestead, Interior, Kitchen, living room, Vlog

We spent our holiday weekend giving thanks for our freedom, sleeping in, and putting in lots of time at the Homestead. We are extremely satisfied with the progress that we made and did a little happy dance when it was all over with. Just this weekend we textured and primed the living room and kitchen […]

May 26, 2015

Vlog anyone?

Construct, Design, Homestead, Interior, Kitchen, living room, Vlog

We tried our hand at making a vlog this weekend while spending a few hours at the Homestead. I know now to turn the phone the opposite way so you can see our faces more…but for now it will have to do. Let us know what y’all think! >>Katie and Evan<<

May 18, 2015

Homestead: First Weekend

Design, dining room, Homestead, Interior, Kitchen, living room

K: We have been looking forward to this past weekend for some time now. This was the weekend that we were able to actually start REAL work on the house. Evan has been there without me once to do some work in the yard and get it looking like people actually lived there. He worked […]

April 26, 2015

Back to Our Roots

bathroom, Design, dining room, exterior, guest bedroom, Homestead, Interior, Kitchen, living room, Master Bedroom, office

So this may be news to some, but we are moving! We aren’t sure of the exact date, but it is in the process of becoming finally official. Since the first time Evan and I met, we have discussed settling down in a small town close to our families. We didn’t know it then, but […]

April 8, 2015