Sentimental Baby Items

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So I made a list of my must-have baby products that I bought or received as gifts for Clara last week. CLICK HERE to go to that post. This one is a little different though. I have gathered some of my non-essential , sentimental items that I just adore for our baby girl. –All items […]

January 10, 2018

My Must Have Baby Products

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As a first-time mom, I am learning so much every day from my sweet baby. She teaches me patience and how to slow down and enjoy the day for what it is. When I first got home from the hospital with her, I tried going about my day like usual…when she wasn’t here. I was […]

January 3, 2018

Nursery: Final Reveal

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If you noticed our Instagram post a few days ago, Saturday started out with this exchange… Me: “I think I’m going to finish Clara’s room today.” (the nursery) Evan: “Why would you do a thing like that?” We are notoriously starting projects, or in this case, room renovations and getting so close to being done, […]

December 18, 2017

Itemized List: Kitchen

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I have linked all the direct sites for each item in our kitchen unless its the flooring, cabinets, countertops, or windows. In those cases, I just linked where they were from since we ordered them in store or they are local places that don’t have online ordering. There are more pictures in my previous blog […]

November 24, 2017

New Year, New Couch

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“…as I walked in, I saw it. The dream couch. It’s like the angels came down and sang hallelujah and light beams shot out from the cushions. Right as I was about to hug my beautiful new couch, the tag caught my eye. 50% OFF!…”

January 7, 2017